About Us

Gilbert Plains Collegiate is a Grade 9 to 12 school where we provide an inspiring, respectful, and safe environment where every student is valued, nurtured, and enabled to realize his/her full potential.
Our unique environment enables students of GPCI to participate in the many extra-curricular activities including student council, yearbook, youth philanthropy, travel club, and drama group. We have developed very strong athletic programs including golf, volleyball, basketball, soccer, curling, badminton, and track and field. We offer a daily canteen, vending machine, and intramurals during lunch. GPCI plays a strong supportive role in community volunteerism, providing students with ample opportunities to develop employability skills. Our VISION (Very Important Stuff I Obviously Need) course which is unique to GPCI, allows students to gain valuable essential skills not formally covered by the curriculum while preparing them to transition out of high school and into the workforce or post secondary education.