Mrs. Renee Minshull


Intro to Photography 20S

Applying ICT 1 15F



Mr. Simon Chalke

Business Communications 30S

Canadian Law 40S

English Language Arts 10F

English Language Arts 20F

English Language Arts 30S

English Language Arts 40S

Psychology 40S

Life/Work Building 35S

Mr. Kelsey Foote

Phys. Ed./Health 10F

Phys. Ed./Health 20F

Phys. Ed./Health 30F

Phys. Ed./Health 40F

Geographic Issues 20F

Human Ecology 20S

Canada in the Contemp. 10F

Transitional Math 10F

Life/Work Building 15S

Mrs. Anna Genik

Science 20F

Physics 30S

Physics 40S

Pre-Calculus Math 30S

Pre-Calculus Math 40S

Science 10F

Essential Math 40S

Biology 30S

History of Canada 30F

Mrs. Jody Jubenvill

Math 10F

Essential Math 20S

Essential Math 30S

Intro to Applied & Pre-Cal 20S

Applied Math 30S

Applied Math 40S

Life/Work Building 35S